We have been landscaping gardens for over 30 years and have accumulated a wealth of experience in all areas of hard landscaping and garden design. We have worked on small garden projects to extensive redesigns. Our dedicated team pride itself on attention to detail, quality materials and landscaping that is built to last. Below is a list of our landscaping services. Please get in touch today to discuss your project.

  • Garden and Driveway Redesign

A major task needs a practiced hand.

A garden or driveway redesign will usually be one of the biggest landscaping projects you’ll undertake. And that’s why you need an expert’s eye. Whether you’re revamping the whole space, fine-tuning a particular element of the garden, or you’re just tired of pulling into that same old driveway every day – our experienced team can help breathe fresh life into your outdoor space.

When it comes to creating the right aesthetic for your driveway, the choice of which paving stones to use is a important one. We offer a wide range of options, so you can select the style that looks just right. There’s also the question of which laying pattern – an elegant and subtly laid-out pattern creates a really striking effect on your driveway and elevates it from somewhere you park you car to a standout feature of your home. If you’ve seen a style or pattern that you like, make a note of it, maybe even snap a picture, and we can make it happen. Don’t worry, we won’t tell the neighbours you copied them.

We’ll consult with you through every step of the design process, working as a team to ensure the very best result. After all, we may have the expertise, but you’re the one who will be living, eating, working, even parking, in this space every day.

  • Patios & Paving

Every garden needs a space to relax in.

Not keen on mowing the lawn? Or maybe your home needs more space to entertain family and friends? Then a patio or paved area could be a great way of ensuring you can enjoy your time outdoors, without having to do too much maintenance. Whether you’re a frequent barbecuer in the summer months or the type who likes to recline in the sun, we’ll make sure your paved area is perfectly placed and just the right shape.

The key to a truly beautiful patio or paved area is choosing the right laying pattern – and there are plenty of them to choose from. Beginning with the simpler, stacked patterns, going all the way up to complex ‘random’ layouts involving flags of different sizes and shapes – we’ve seen and built virtually any type of patio you can imagine.

We offer a huge range of flags and paving stone styles, from quartzite to Causse, Sandstone to Stonemaster. If you’d like to get a feel for the pavings we offer, you can visit bradstone.com/products/ to stock up on inspiration. Don’t see what you want? Don’t worry, we also use paving products from Marshalls and Natural Paving. Get in touch and we’ll help find a solution.

  • New lawns
  • Water features
  • Blocked paved & shingle driveways
  • Walls and fencing
  • Decking & sleepers
  • Patios and paving
  • Arbours, pergolas and gazebos
  • Steps
  • Gates
  • Garden furniture and buildings